Welcome to HEROchem

was established in 1980 as

  • raw material producer
  • vendor for raw and filler materials and chemical products for     various industrial branches and the petroleum industry.
  • equipment-supplier for the petroleum industry and as
  • project-planner for drilling technology

within the international market.

With our wide range of qualitäty products

biological leaf fertilizer and Mineral substances for the
Minerals and additives for the
Feed industry
Pigments and solvents for the production of
Paints and Laquers
Polymeres & Hematite and equipment for the
Petroleum industry in addition to important
Raw materials for a variety of industrial branches (concrete, foundries, steel mills, glaslworks, insulations etc.)

we have been, since many years, a reliable and economical partner.

Our success is based primarily upon a invariable high qualität of our products and the professional consultation for flexible and success oriented solutions.